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Hello 👋

I’m Nicola Rennie, a data scientist at Jumping Rivers, R enthusiast, data visualisation lover, amongst other things. This website contains for documentation for the R packages I have created. My personal website is hosted at


{aRt} is an R package to create generative art, using {ggplot2} graphics.


{aRtData} is an R package containing data used in the {aRt} package. Data generating functions are available, and the data included in the package use the default values from the functions in {aRt}.


{funcnetout} is an R package for detecting functional outliers in a network setting, with options for online or offline detection.


{ggflowchart} is an R package for creating flowchart diagrams using {ggplot2}.


{PrettyCols} is an R package containing aesthetically pleasing colour palettes. The structure of the package is based on code from the {PNWColors}, {wesanderson}, and {MetBrewer} packages.


{simnetdemand} is an R package used to simulate demand patterns for different types of transport network.


{usefunc} is an R package containing some additional useful functions.


{WBLifeExpectancy} is an R package for analysing and visualising World Bank life expectancy data. It was created and used for the analysis in the Significane article We’re not getting any younger! Or should that be “older”?.